Mini-guide: Xillia 2’s Pluto

Disclaimer: I wrote this 2 years ago and originally wanted it contributed to a much fuller guide. Since it still hasn’t seen the light of day, here it is:

This is tough @_@. Golden Mage Knight got nothing on Pluto and Eternity ;_;
Anyways, I like to play as Milla so I select her for the playable character. However, that shouldn’t change the strategy I will tell in a moment. If you play multiplayer, I wouldn’t suggest having more than 2 people on this fight so that you can take advantage of linked combat. Maybe you can take turns if you have a non-AI party of 2+.

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Being a Fitness Coach

Wow, I’m not sure if I can really call myself that. But it’s a title I now have. Nearly seven months ago, I let y’all know I was starting a fitness challenge with my friends where I ended up winning a nice sum of $16.31. Yeah, it was really great. And that’s a half-joke because wow, my health was on point throughout September. I won’t lie, I eased up in October going from a 97% healthy diet to a 85%. I refuse to cry about eating a cookie. I don’t find that healthy either. Of course, it depends on what you’re trying to do. If you want to be in a bikini competition, your diet has to be specialised. If you fall into the population that cares about losing weight and thinks ,”while it’d be nice to scuplt and tone, the bottom-line is that number on the scale”, that’s okay too. And yes, you can argue “don’t let weight be a summary statistic of your health. It’s just a number”. That’s right too. I agree with that sentiment a lot. On one hand, it’s hard to accept yourself like that, but on the other, my original sentence was to generalise a large segment of the population without falling into the trap of a logical fallacy.

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Challenge: 21 Day Fix 

Ok, fam, I have never in my life done a fitness challenge. But I’m starting one today for the first time. I’ve got all these containers and no clue how it’s going to go. I printed tally sheets to track of how much I’m eating and hydrating. It’s both intimidating and overwhelming but that’s the point of a challenge. And I’ll be completing this one. It’s only 21 days but I know it’s going to be a long first week. I thought it’d be nice to document my challenge for both inspiration and to track my progress. I bought lots of berries, spinach, tofu, and rice because this is more of a nutritional/dietary fix than it is a fitness one. Or at least that’s the biggest change for me. I don’t usually eat bad but I have been a little bit lately. Still, what I’m limited to with this challenge is a lot stricter than I’d previously followed. But that’s a part of the challenge 🙂

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4 June 2016 Book Update


Hii Errbody :3

My activity on my blog seems to be increasing which makes me proud! I have a handful of scheduled posts coming out and I’m back into a full swing of editing Book 1. I aim for a chapter every day I work on it, tweaking things here and there and clearing out the comments point out what to fix. I have far less stamina than I did during the months of November through January that passed most recently. But I’m okay with that. I am working steadily towards my goals which is what’s important.

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Life Update

So I’ve had a few posts in the works but haven’t completed them fully. Basically since the end of January, I’ve taken a break from all writing. I played that game Blade and Soul hardcore for about two weeks straight; still enjoying it and amazed at how quick they come out with new content. Then I started seeking human interactions in person since an MMO was starting to not be enough for me. It was also hard to make friends on that game since guilds don’t seem to be a dynamic factor just yet. Moreover, people don’t always reply to you in squad/party chat or in the immediate area you’re in. Maybe that’s because people aren’t paying attention or maybe it’s due to the spam but I really feel like I’ve been playing by myself on there.

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