Fitness Post

I don’t claim to be an expert on what I eat. I kind of just follow the basics: 3 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit, smaller portions of carbs, and I try to get 4 proteins in a day.

Try is a keyword for me. To be honest, I notice the difference when I eat clean. And it’s really hard to live and work amongst people who don’t try to do the same. When I cook eggs, my dad absolutely hates the smell of it and dramatically plugs his nose. The first week I started eating unprocessed foods, it really hurt my feelings. It made me feel like he wasn’t supporting my effort in being healthy.

But I kept at it. And now he’s adjusted.

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Mini-guide: Xillia 2’s Pluto

Disclaimer: I wrote this 2 years ago and originally wanted it contributed to a much fuller guide. Since it still hasn’t seen the light of day, here it is:

This is tough @_@. Golden Mage Knight got nothing on Pluto and Eternity ;_;
Anyways, I like to play as Milla so I select her for the playable character. However, that shouldn’t change the strategy I will tell in a moment. If you play multiplayer, I wouldn’t suggest having more than 2 people on this fight so that you can take advantage of linked combat. Maybe you can take turns if you have a non-AI party of 2+.

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Being a Fitness Coach

Wow, I’m not sure if I can really call myself that. But it’s a title I now have. Nearly seven months ago, I let y’all know I was starting a fitness challenge with my friends where I ended up winning a nice sum of $16.31. Yeah, it was really great. And that’s a half-joke because wow, my health was on point throughout September. I won’t lie, I eased up in October going from a 97% healthy diet to a 85%. I refuse to cry about eating a cookie. I don’t find that healthy either. Of course, it depends on what you’re trying to do. If you want to be in a bikini competition, your diet¬†has to be specialised. If you fall into the population that cares about losing weight and thinks ,”while it’d be nice to scuplt and tone, the bottom-line is that number on the scale”,¬†that’s okay too. And yes, you can argue “don’t let weight be a summary statistic of your health. It’s just a number”. That’s right too. I agree with that sentiment a lot. On one hand, it’s hard to accept yourself like that, but on the other, my original sentence was to generalise a large segment of the population without falling into the trap of a logical fallacy.

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Essay: Valuing Yourself

How do you know you’re worth it?
Is that a tough question to answer? Then, let me ask this: how much do you value yourself? I’m not asking how much you like yourself but how much you think you’re worth.

Someone once told me, “Yeah, you don’t have the experience for 35,000”. That’s when I realised I was underemployed. I think for everything I put on the table, I’m worth at least that. They made the argument that my position doesn’t require a lot out of me so that’s why the pay is little. 

But I disagree. I worked with a small team where I sacrificed my own goals (and therefore payout) to support what the branch and the clients needed. I don’t blame the manager or any of my coworkers as it’s a staffing model issue. However, I know I’m worth at least 35,000. 

I’m too smart, too talented, and too ambitious to be paid any less. 

But even beyond my career: I always put everyone before me. Which a lot of people will view this as a good or kind thing to do. And I agree, it is. But it’s at the cost of my equality and me viewing myself as your equal. It makes more sense to do what’s best for the both of us, right? Conversely, I should never put myself ahead of someone else because that is the definition of selfish. If we are to cooperate, I need to consider everyone involved.