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This is a picure of me and not my best friend ^_~

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Challenge: 21 Day Fix 

Ok, fam, I have never in my life done a fitness challenge. But I’m starting one today for the first time. I’ve got all these containers and no clue how it’s going to go. I printed tally sheets to track of how much I’m eating and hydrating. It’s both intimidating and overwhelming but that’s the point of a challenge. And I’ll be completing this one. It’s only 21 days but I know it’s going to be a long first week. I thought it’d be nice to document my challenge for both inspiration and to track my progress. I bought lots of berries, spinach, tofu, and rice because this is more of a nutritional/dietary fix than it is a fitness one. Or at least that’s the biggest change for me. I don’t usually eat bad but I have been a little bit lately. Still, what I’m limited to with this challenge is a lot stricter than I’d previously followed. But that’s a part of the challenge 🙂

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Review: Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect Team by lesime at

Apologies for being so late to the game. I don’t normally play American games as you may know. But I think this series requires some discussion. By the way, this is why no new content has been published here and why I haven’t worked on my book in a month. Not sorry because it was worth it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt said something akin to “no idea is original and all ideas are born off other ideas”. Since Mass Effect falls under sci-fi, I always wanted to play it to see how my story matched up with it. Also there are lots of spoilers. Either you played it or you didn’t at this point. I’m going to assume you didn’t and explain to you as if you haven’t played it.

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Review: Xillia and Symphonia

Alright, I’ve been waiting to write this for a while. I wanted to beat both games before I said anything, to ensure I was speaking with all the facts known.

Let me begin by saying I played Xillia first and then Symphonia. My friend, Alex, played Symphonia growing up and I got him to play Xillia. When he beat Xillia, he begged me for years to play Symphonia but something always came up.

This Spring, I finally got around around to keeping my promise to him. For us, I prefer Xillia over Symphonia and he prefers Symphonia over Xillia. I think it’s just coincidence that the first game we played from the series is the one we like best and that it’s more what the games are talking about that makes it our favourite.

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