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Yes this is a political post. And you should read it anyways if you’re not keen about it.

A few days ago, I saw a picture of a child in a cage crying. When I read the comments, I thought it was just Trump supporters dreaming of being able to do this.

Today I read that it was real. Today I heard a Latino say he was Spanish, not Mexican. Today I heard a Latina say she’s afraid to report crimes committed against her in fear of being deported even though she is perfectly legal. I watched a news anchor explain a child with Downs Syndrome was separated from her mother and another anchor said “wah wah”. I read rosaries are being confiscated.

A few months ago Parkland High School was shot up. People don’t believe women about sexual assault and rape. No one cares about Syria.

What I’m saying is people don’t care about things unless it personally involves them.

I’m absolutely sickened and nearly speechless. I feel helpless and voiceless. I feel small and insignificant in the world of change. A famous politician said once, “you can’t change people’s minds but you can change the law”. I disagree as that is my whole life’s motivation. Yes I’m writing and working to change people’s minds bit by bit.

But enough about me. As sad and mortified as I feel about this, it doesn’t matter how I feel. Maybe a bit because it’s enabling me to talk about it.. but I mean, like, could you imagine sitting in a cage? Separated from your parents as a young kid with people in authority who don’t know your language? As meh as my Wednesday is going so far, it’s so insignificant to what so many families are now burdened with because of racist white America. (Sub point about the guy who said he was Spanish, not Mexican even though he’s from Mexico. It’s a colorism thing. It’s disgustingly preferred to be Spanish than Latin in some people’s eyes. And yes, that can even be internalized.)

And leaving the UN while simultaneously blaming your opponents to keep up your evil ways?

Even on these tough days, I refuse to be jaded. I refuse to be silent in the face of my oppressor. Even if I’m deigned to be a social media warrior, the revolution will not be televised.


Mini-guide: Xillia 2’s Pluto

Disclaimer: I wrote this 2 years ago and originally wanted it contributed to a much fuller guide. Since it still hasn’t seen the light of day, here it is:

This is tough @_@. Golden Mage Knight got nothing on Pluto and Eternity ;_;
Anyways, I like to play as Milla so I select her for the playable character. However, that shouldn’t change the strategy I will tell in a moment. If you play multiplayer, I wouldn’t suggest having more than 2 people on this fight so that you can take advantage of linked combat. Maybe you can take turns if you have a non-AI party of 2+.

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Review: Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect Team by lesime at

Apologies for being so late to the game. I don’t normally play American games as you may know. But I think this series requires some discussion. By the way, this is why no new content has been published here and why I haven’t worked on my book in a month. Not sorry because it was worth it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt said something akin to “no idea is original and all ideas are born off other ideas”. Since Mass Effect falls under sci-fi, I always wanted to play it to see how my story matched up with it. Also there are lots of spoilers. Either you played it or you didn’t at this point. I’m going to assume you didn’t and explain to you as if you haven’t played it.

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The Gamer Girl Fetish

Do you actually think we dress and pose like this? 

This one’s been bothering me lately and I wonder if it’s been bothering anyone else so I thought I’d write about it.

Recently, I got to know a group of guys that work across the street from where I work. Where they work is where I used to like writing my book. One of them eventually asked, “Where do you get the inspiration from?” and I replied, “The games that I played growing up and continue to play”. Suddenly, my cool levels in their eyes shot through the roof.

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Faults and Sin

As you may know, I greatly enjoy Japanese culture. I don’t watch too much anime as I mainly play their video games. However, I wait each month for the new chapters to come out for my favourite ongoing shonen: Noragami (ノラがミ).

My favourite character, Kazuma, makes an assertion that the servants of the gods (shinki/神器) don’t sin if they believe it was in the best interest of their god. In other words, it’s okay to do bad things if you think it’s right (for those in ethics: ends justify the means). It took me some time to come to that interpretation of his words and also my response.


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