04 September 2016 Book Update

Haaalllooooooo ♡

Big things are finally happening. A year ago, I wanted start Book 2 in January of this year and also to finish Book 2 by the end of June. That didn’t even come close to happening because I wanted to clean up Book 1.

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I’m not sure how else to explain my conception of the earth planet Aeonde in the way that I want it other than my own notes I wrote for my “book encyclopaedia”.

Here they are! These are all the locations and information for Book 1 of WAYS OF THE STARS.

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Please claim if this is yours. I saved this to my hard drive years ago and have no way to give proper credit. Eventually, I will upload my own art of her.

Meet Eskir. She’s our clumsy yet well-intentioned protagonist. Let’s be clear: her clumsiness isn’t intentional or meant to be cute. She’s lived out in the woods for fifteen years alone. She has severe communication problems and social comprehension problems because of it.

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