Review: Insatiable

This is a new Netflix Original I heard about from one of my trainer friends who said “Do not watch!!” because it’s about a girl whose jaw gets wired shut, loses 70lbs, and now is suddenly pretty and popular.


It talks about a LOT of different topics which is becoming pretty par for the course with Netflix Originals aimed at teens… which is something I do like.

But its main topic that it discusses — having a healthy relationship with food — was terribly, poorly fleshed out. Continue reading


Taste Changes

Ever want to see how you were encapsulated in a moment of time? Write a blog.

Ok, I got my password back 2 months ago and I’m really glad I am back because I miss this kind of thing. And of course, the first thing I do is catch up on whatever I was talking about back in the day.

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Challenge: Final Fantasy X End Game + 2 Bonus Posts, lol..

Original post: 26/4/17

So…. FFX was my fave game growing up as a kid. I’m a 90’s baby who’s first console was the PS2. When I played it as a kid, it blew my mind. I firmly believe that this is what shaped my religious views and I haven’t looked back. Anyways, the remaster came out a few years ago and I bought to have it and eventually I knew, I’d play through it all again. But I played a lot of Xillia in that time instead. And last year, I spent the summer getting through the Mass Effect trilogy. More than once. I got through most of FFX’s story through the fall and winter but then FFXV came out and y’all know about that…


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Another Fitness Update

Hi again,

Things at work have kind of been stagnating with like how much I’m being paid and I want to earn more income. I’ve also low-key wanted to become a fitness instructor. Like if I hadn’t gone corporate, making fitness a living would be so fun. –> If I hadn’t gone corporate, I’d have more time to write my novels.

I think a lot about this. Where the job that I have right now is really limiting me into the things I (me!) want to be doing with my life. I enjoy the job a lot. The activity of it is a lot of fun and I find it fulfilling. But I’d rather write and work out. Not be corporate.

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I’m no longer fat

Wow. I literally just made that my title. Well, to be honest, I don’t know if I could truly call myself fat because I never even got up past the average size for an American woman. And even then, that was anĀ average size. I think at most I was a size 14 but mainly was a size 12. Before I felt fat (a key point I’m going to make in a minute), I was only a size 10 so not that crazy of a difference.


I don’t know what the big difference between a 10 and a 12 is but it’s a big one. It’s so big that people comment that you’ve lost weight or that you’re skinny now. I watched part of a video where a comedian was talking about her mom telling her she was thin-fat. And I low-key get that. Continue reading


Hey there,

Yes this is a political post. And you should read it anyways if you’re not keen about it.

A few days ago, I saw a picture of a child in a cage crying. When I read the comments, I thought it was just Trump supporters dreaming of being able to do this.

Today I read that it was real. Today I heard a Latino say he was Spanish, not Mexican. Today I heard a Latina say she’s afraid to report crimes committed against her in fear of being deported even though she is perfectly legal. I watched a news anchor explain a child with Downs Syndrome was separated from her mother and another anchor said “wah wah”. I read rosaries are being confiscated.

A few months ago Parkland High School was shot up. People don’t believe women about sexual assault and rape. No one cares about Syria.

What I’m saying is people don’t care about things unless it personally involves them.

I’m absolutely sickened and nearly speechless. I feel helpless and voiceless. I feel small and insignificant in the world of change. A famous politician said once, “you can’t change people’s minds but you can change the law”. I disagree as that is my whole life’s motivation. Yes I’m writing and working to change people’s minds bit by bit.

But enough about me. As sad and mortified as I feel about this, it doesn’t matter how I feel. Maybe a bit because it’s enabling me to talk about it.. but I mean, like, could you imagine sitting in a cage? Separated from your parents as a young kid with people in authority who don’t know your language? As meh as my Wednesday is going so far, it’s so insignificant to what so many families are now burdened with because of racist white America. (Sub point about the guy who said he was Spanish, not Mexican even though he’s from Mexico. It’s a colorism thing. It’s disgustingly preferred to be Spanish than Latin in some people’s eyes. And yes, that can even be internalized.)

And leaving the UN while simultaneously blaming your opponents to keep up your evil ways?

Even on these tough days, I refuse to be jaded. I refuse to be silent in the face of my oppressor. Even if I’m deigned to be a social media warrior, the revolution will not be televised.

Up from Hibernation

Wow!! Wowowow! Ok… I know… It’s been over a year. Did I just drop off the face of the Earth?


Funny thing when you can’t remember your password and that’s the sole reason hindering your motivation from writing the blog you treasure. Ugh. I’m mostly not a lazy person like I used to be when I was a kid. But this was a definitely a streak of laziness *facepalm*

Ok, so what have I been up to in the past year?

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