Want to get to know me? This page is my spruced-up bio but the blog category of this site should help you learn who I am in a more organic way.

First and foremost, this girl is a HUGE fan of Sailor Moon.sailor_v_pixel_by_bunniichan-d80gvjo
In the same breath, I’m also pretty bad at being a Westerinised nerd like watching Doctor Who (never seen) or being a part of the DC Marvel fandom (nope, sorry). It’s not that I dislike these things, I just never got into them.

I also do not as read as much as I’d like to. That’s a fact that has been hard to change. Somehow, I qualify for free Barnes and Noble membership by how many books I purchase but I read only a couple books a year, if that. I highly enjoy it, don’t get me wrong! I just spend my time playing videogames, working a corporate job, and quality time with the boyfriend.

With that said, though, and I think this goes for everyone in the writing/reading world, there was nothing I loved more as a kid than a good book. I would read for hours and hours, whole weekends gone by in a book. My friend and I won a class pizza party for most-read hours in the whole school. I knew by the age of six that I wanted to be an “author and illustrator”. My first published book was about a cat I drew in the third grade.

webp_net_gifmaker_by_cxndy_lace-dbe956u                             nes_controller_by_king_lulu_deer-daymrvd                              dolphins_love_by_martith-db9ltj1

Third, call me a millennial snowflake sjw because that’s me and I do my very best to treat all with respect and a touch of loving warmth. My biggest pressure point is not sexism or even sexual assault — things I have faced — but in fact, my heart cares most about combatting racism and anti-blackness. Being black or poc will never be an experience I know on a personal level but I do my best to listen and recognize what poc need from white people as nuanced and respectfully as I can get. In turn, my goal is to educate other white-passing people (as I’m not just white but white enough for the privilege).

f2u__art_stuff_by_ampraeh-dbxvw7u                    nuevo_lienzo_by_000_15-dbp6mb6                             earth_potion_by_planet_spatulon-dai9iqf

Lastly, I am currently making a living in the finance industry for a big tech company that sells hardware/software to financial institutions. I got my degree in finance and a minor in international relations. I identify with European liberalism. The hardest thing for me to learn on my writing journey was simply to relax: both my diction and my stress. Now I’m learning how to be funny on paper… and I’m quite awful at it. =)

Zayn and I at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden enjoying the cherry blossoms

The revolution will not be televised.


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