Review: Insatiable

This is a new Netflix Original I heard about from one of my trainer friends who said “Do not watch!!” because it’s about a girl whose jaw gets wired shut, loses 70lbs, and now is suddenly pretty and popular.


It talks about a LOT of different topics which is becoming pretty par for the course with Netflix Originals aimed at teens… which is something I do like.

But its main topic that it discusses — having a healthy relationship with food — was terribly, poorly fleshed out. And actually more than likely went in the opposite direction to an unhealthy discussion. This includes constantly shaming the girl for eating junk food, continually calling her fat even after her weight loss, and an episode of binge-eating that I think was meant to be an expose of what we all may have done in private?

I’m extremely disappointed that it only talked about how consistently negatively women feel about their bodies, that we resort to eating disorders, or eating our feelings, as well as how hard bikini shopping can be.

Everything else was pretty chill: discusses racism, classism, absentee parents, coming out, polyamory, drug abuse, lots of religion since it’s based in the South and riddled with plenty of jokes from bad camera angles, things written on signs lurking behind the character speaking, and is super punny. Sometimes they stretch the story or make it over the top but I can always give in a little bit since the rest of the writing is pretty decent.

But they NEVER show the main girl learning HOW to be healthy. They show her binge-eating once she gets upset at the world and losing weight by running with a sweatsuit on and drinking only water with cayenne pepper (and some other superfoods). They indirectly tell us that carbs are the enemy and that skinniness can only be achieved via extreme methods like an all-liquid diet. Even her mentor/coach shames her at every eating opportunity for the girl…. it was very, very frustrating for someone in the fitness/health industry especially because there are so many young girls who are this show’s target audience who struggle with body image, body positivity, not having an eating disorder, who face body dysmorphia.

I would not recommend this to my future daughter even with all the other intersectional elements presented. Not until they show how to have a healthy relationship with food, show healthy weight loss, and silence the people who would get onto her for eating whatever was going into her mouth.

Here is a much better review than mine.


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