Challenge: Final Fantasy X End Game + 2 Bonus Posts, lol..

Original post: 26/4/17

So…. FFX was my fave game growing up as a kid. I’m a 90’s baby who’s first console was the PS2. When I played it as a kid, it blew my mind. I firmly believe that this is what shaped my religious views and I haven’t looked back. Anyways, the remaster came out a few years ago and I bought to have it and eventually I knew, I’d play through it all again. But I played a lot of Xillia in that time instead. And last year, I spent the summer getting through the Mass Effect trilogy. More than once. I got through most of FFX’s story through the fall and winter but then FFXV came out and y’all know about that…


So now that I’m in the big leagues of FF endgame stuff… I don’t think I’ve ever faced such a huge challenge and I’ve been dying to talk to someone about it. There is just so much you can do in FFX post-story. It’s shocking. Like I did everything you could in FF12, killing all optional bosses and while that took some time training up to be able to get those achievements and titles… it’s nothing like this. 12 just had me get all the “ultimate/celestial” weapons and make everyone 99. Sure, killing Yiazmat took me some time but I view him as a cakewalk.

And what blows my mind is just how big the community is for this. Threads over threads, FAQs about stat maxing, guides to collect all the monsters, guides to get the celestial weapons… videos on YouTube showing you how it’s done (with commentary!!). And then there’s the whole act of doing it: dodging 200 lightning bolts to get a weapon, getting a time of <0:00 to earn another weapon, oh and I didn’t even mention the butterflies. And um, helllooooo, Dark Aeons? Penance? Back in the day it was just Nemesis and I didn’t even bother with him either. Who knew it’d be such a grinding game to get the specific items to customise your armour? I mean, I think I’m probably one of the few nutjobs who loves grinding but still!


I also stumbled upon this very interesting series of Spira’s written word. Apparently, all the language we see written on things actually says stuff! It’s just extremely stylised and has a much deeper meaning than meets the eye.

And all of this is just for one game. I don’t even want to imagine the community for FFVII. It’s what I’ll do after I defeat Penance but I am impressed by my fellow gamers. It’s a community I’d love to join but I have nothing new to contribute.

I did once contribute on how to defeat Pluto in Xillia 2 but that’s it. The only thing I would have to contribute is my own commentary of the fights which some might humorous but… it’d be nothing substantive. Maybe I’ll find something to say once I get into the meat of it. I haven’t even gotten to the stat maxing part. I’m still grinding to get 10 of each monster in the arena. I’m still missing Attack Reels and any of Wakka’s celestial weapon stuff. And dodging 200 lightning bolts is tougher than it sounds. I have like a 90% accuracy and have dodged almost 3,000 bolts but not 200 consecutively *crylaugh*



Well, in the past year I did all this.

I got to 200 lightning bolts in a row and no one told me how ridiculously stupid Blitzball was for Wakka’s Attack Reels and weapons. Glad I never have to do that again. Well, it wasn’t that bad in all honesty but I don’t play sport games for a reason. It also became the same strategy again and again which is dull and annoying.

The Dark Aeons, with my max stats and ribbon armours were a joke. I died once because I was playing a second game on my phone simultaneously during one of the fights therefore I wasn’t paying attention. But everyone on the internet kept talking about how difficult and challenging all 10 bosses were. But I did prepare to the most extreme… out of fear for how hard I was hearing these bosses were!!!

Penance was a good challenge and brainfried me more than once. It helped me to keep track of how much damage I was doing to him since he just has an incredible amount of hp. It also was psychologically better to keep track of the damage because it felt like such a slog otherwise, like I was getting absolutely nowhere after he changes forms. But once you get the rhythm of him down and even if you let his helpers (arms) get a turn, it’s manageable.

I definitely overprepared for the fight. I beat him in under five attempts but I’m proud of it. I don’t know if I would create a second file to try it with under 9999 hp. That would mean collecting all of the celestial weapons again, or going through Wakka’s anyways.

At this time, 05/08/18, I’ve gotten through most of FFX-2 and am just working on the last twenty levels of Bevelle’s dungeon. I got tired of that since it’s been a pretty stale game. Vastly different than I remember when I was a kid. I’m glad I played it as a kid because it challenged me back then and got me into my real gaming self but I will probably never touch or recommend that sequel, especially since it’s so easy to miss on the 100% perfect ending. I also am not a fan of the monster arena they put in the remaster.


So now I’m slowly getting through Ni No Kuni. The detail in Ni No Kuni makes me so happy. It’s a breath of fresh air from where the Final Fantasy series has gone. I think I’m falling into the Bandai Namco > Square Enix camp if that’s a thing. FFXII was the last great game for the series and it was deeply trashed on for it not incorporating turn-based battle. 2006 was Square’s last good year, in my opinion. Bandai Namco has Sailor Moon, Tales, and Ni No Kuni. But the art of Yoshitaka Amano… I’ll cherish that forever.


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