Review: Insatiable

This is a new Netflix Original I heard about from one of my trainer friends who said “Do not watch!!” because it’s about a girl whose jaw gets wired shut, loses 70lbs, and now is suddenly pretty and popular.


It talks about a LOT of different topics which is becoming pretty par for the course with Netflix Originals aimed at teens… which is something I do like.

But its main topic that it discusses — having a healthy relationship with food — was terribly, poorly fleshed out. Continue reading


Taste Changes

Ever want to see how you were encapsulated in a moment of time? Write a blog.

Ok, I got my password back 2 months ago and I’m really glad I am back because I miss this kind of thing. And of course, the first thing I do is catch up on whatever I was talking about back in the day.

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Challenge: Final Fantasy X End Game + 2 Bonus Posts, lol..

Original post: 26/4/17

So…. FFX was my fave game growing up as a kid. I’m a 90’s baby who’s first console was the PS2. When I played it as a kid, it blew my mind. I firmly believe that this is what shaped my religious views and I haven’t looked back. Anyways, the remaster came out a few years ago and I bought to have it and eventually I knew, I’d play through it all again. But I played a lot of Xillia in that time instead. And last year, I spent the summer getting through the Mass Effect trilogy. More than once. I got through most of FFX’s story through the fall and winter but then FFXV came out and y’all know about that…


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