Up from Hibernation

Wow!! Wowowow! Ok… I know… It’s been over a year. Did I just drop off the face of the Earth?


Funny thing when you can’t remember your password and that’s the sole reason hindering your motivation from writing the blog you treasure. Ugh. I’m mostly not a lazy person like I used to be when I was a kid. But this was a definitely a streak of laziness *facepalm*

Ok, so what have I been up to in the past year?

I got a new job. Upgraded from the bank and I am now a trainer for financial institutions. I enjoyed my time at the bank even as I figured out my professional worth in that position. I feel a lot more passion for this new job (even though it’s been a year already lol). Even on the tough days, I still have my head up high. But again I am circling back to how much am I worth. I put in long hours, travel for extended periods of time which means I sacrifice time living my life outside of work, and have dealt with some extremely difficult people for a monetary value that isn’t always worth it. However, I derive pretty good emotional value from it.

Because the monetary value is not satisfying me these days, it’s led me to focusing deeply on what my true passions in life are. It is such a cathartic experience for me to write and bring stories to the table. I want people to enjoy the rhetoric I write because it’s entertaining at the same time. I firmly believe it’s my higher calling.

A friend of mine from high school is actively making her dream of working on Broadway come true. She’s making it a reality. I need to do the same.

This past year I let my writing go by the wayside so I could secure my position within the new company. I devoted time to a new partner. But writing is also my self-care that I have been denying myself. No more.

Back when I did remember the original password, I had written on here of a second project that I thought was better than my original story. I wrote it. I’m proud of it. Only recently did I read that most times the first manuscript never makes it to publication. For all the effort and time I spent world-building and developing the intricacies it better LOL. But I have tabled it.

I wrote the second manuscript about a year ago in one take. I had a lot of fear with that first manuscript that it would never be good enough. This second one feels so good (and yes I’m biased) that I don’t think I can really top it but my beta-reader’s first comment was “when’s the sequel gonna be done?” which is a huge compliment. So, I plotted for a sequel just to see where it went. I hadn’t planned for one. I’m fearful but I just have to get over it. Fear is stupid when it comes to writing. Fear leads to bad writing.

And now I’m querying. If I’m going to make my dreams a reality, I better keep on going. No one else is gonna make it happen for me.

Sequel is plotted but less-than-half written. First manuscript just has two quick tweaks to fix which will be ready by the time someone (hopefully) requests pages. I retired one character in place of another and the other would be line-editing which I’ve gotten pretty efficient at.  Of course, I’m not perfect. Good news is I haven’t looked at the work in a year so I’ll be going in with fresh eyes.

And that’s my update without talking about my fitness/health. You can check my Instagram on that if you’re nosy, lol.


Take care,



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