Fitness Post

I don’t claim to be an expert on what I eat. I kind of just follow the basics: 3 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit, smaller portions of carbs, and I try to get 4 proteins in a day.

Try is a keyword for me. To be honest, I notice the difference when I eat clean. And it’s really hard to live and work amongst people who don’t try to do the same. When I cook eggs, my dad absolutely hates the smell of it and dramatically plugs his nose. The first week I started eating unprocessed foods, it really hurt my feelings. It made me feel like he wasn’t supporting my effort in being healthy.

But I kept at it. And now he’s adjusted.

Veggies are the hardest for me to get in. The good ones, I mean. A trick I like to do is go to the pre-made meals section of the grocery store and eat their veggies. But the problem with that is they absolutely drown the veggies in oils and butters. So now I’m steaming them in my rice cooker because I like being lazy. Or I also hide spinach in my eggs. (My friend recently turned me onto a dash of raspberry vinaigrette!!)

This week I’ve had the week off work and I’ve been eating 100% clean which normally I eat around 80%. I’m following the portion control containers to a tee. I work out every day and with a diet of 80% clean, it’s really slow to see any changes. But what I love most is when I eat perfect, I lose the bloating from all the carbs I indulge on. You get to see my definition and the results from my sweat.

As I end this week, I reflect on how huge this week has been for me. I first noticed how easy it is to cave to social pressure of eating “normal” and going out a lot. There’s a weird respect for people who are skinny and eat as much as they want without a care in the world. It’s not easy for others to be supportive of people who eat clean and are really trying for that healthy+fit lifestyle.

I also noticed that when I’m by myself and I’m just doing my own thing, I do everything I set out to accomplish. I’m good about attaining goals and following the plan. I don’t get cravings for junk or sweets. I’m proactive and I take care of myself really well. With that said, I recognise that it took me SIX MONTHS to get to this week. When I first followed the container system, I definitely had all the cravings and dreams of eating chocolate. In the 5 months after starting the 21 Day Fix program initially, I was a casual clean eater. And I finally accept myself for it. I was great about getting protein (and carbs) in. I was good about the fruit. I’d forget about the healthy fats and seeds. But vegetables.. oh man. For the past couple months though, I would go to my fave grocery store (hey Central Market) and buy their premade Caesar salad. I’d only use a tiny amount of the dressing and avoid the cheese and croutons. So it’s not like I was terrible but I could’ve been better too.

I finally got to a point where I was plateauing in results from this casual diet and the exercises alone. The week before this I let loose and ate whatever I wanted. I needed to do that for myself. It was a big reset for me. And what’s really special about last week is that I got all of those burgers, tacos, margs, and cakes out of my system. I’m not saying I won’t have that type of stuff again because I definitely will.  But this week I feel like I got a higher sense of clarity with the food I was eating. As I prepare for my new job, I consider how I can do all of this while travelling 70% of the time. I’m gonna do it. I realise how easy the container system is once you get comfortable with it. I’m definitely getting the taste for eating clean (and eating my veggies). I’m at a point where I don’t think about the food I’m not having but am excited to eat what I’ve cooked for myself. I’ll drive by what I call “Restaurant Row” (you know where all the restaurants are in a particular town, all lined up in a row) and I look at the options. I smell Chic-fil-a and I continue driving. It doesn’t interest me anymore. Like I said, it took me 6 months to get here. And like I said, I’ll definitely eat another burger! but when I’m ready to.

One point I’d like to caveat though about eating clean versus eating junk is that when I eat junk, my stomach hates me. My lovely hairdresser gave me some Brazilian cinnamon juice for when my stomach is upset but I’d prefer to not have to use that. I just want to treat my stomach and the rest of my body right by default. I’ve noticed in this one week alone that the food I’ve eaten has supported me and my muscles to challenge myself, push myself farther in my workouts, and that mental clarity simply from eating right astounds me.

I’m building a system for success on how to eat clean, follow a fast-paced lifestyle, train, and write my novels!! I’m a multifaceted person and I like being and doing lots of things.

Most importantly, eating clean and working out is something I do entirely for myself. I’ve gone through a long journey with my body these past three years along with learning more about myself and what I want out of life. But my workouts and eating clean give me a sense of stability to fall back on. It tells me that I am capable of doing something for myself every day, that I can take care of myself everyday.

I also wanted to give a quick thank you to those who like my fitness posts. I was surprised by the warm reception! It gives me confidence to keep going especially as I face negativity from those closest to me. They won’t bring me down and thank you for bringing me up!


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