Mini-guide: Xillia 2’s Pluto

Disclaimer: I wrote this 2 years ago and originally wanted it contributed to a much fuller guide. Since it still hasn’t seen the light of day, here it is:

This is tough @_@. Golden Mage Knight got nothing on Pluto and Eternity ;_;
Anyways, I like to play as Milla so I select her for the playable character. However, that shouldn’t change the strategy I will tell in a moment. If you play multiplayer, I wouldn’t suggest having more than 2 people on this fight so that you can take advantage of linked combat. Maybe you can take turns if you have a non-AI party of 2+.

Party Composition:
I beat this guy at level 79 and I believe the community guideline for this boss is 80. For this reason, I composed my party of 2 healers and damage dealers (DD’s) and/or tanks. I first experimented with: Milla, Ludger, Leia, and Gaius. I think a party of 3 DD/tanks and 1 healer is doable at higher levels but if you’re somewhere around 80, I recommend 2 healers and 2 tanks. I use Milla as I’m most comfortable with her and love her elemental arsenal. However, whomever you are most comfortable with to play as, you should play as. Just make sure that your party balances them. I found Leia to be a necessity for her “immediate consumption” skill which is her no cooldown on items skill, and also that she can resurrect people. If you want the Laurel that is stealable from Pluto, you will have to have her in the party. She also has a skill that has a probability of not depleting the item from your inventory while still using it. Elize also slowly became a necessity for me with her Revive and Dispel artes. Manually casting Revive from the battle menu allowed me to save *several* Life Potions. I wanted to use Gaius for his strength and his chivalry skill but in practice, I rarely saw him use chivalry so he just acted as a basic DD. The reason why I also wanted Alvin was for his breaker but Pluto and its cronies rarely ever blocked. Still, Alvin’s patk is not something to take lightly. I can never recommend Rowen because I find him to be your classic squishy mage. However, if you found a way that you don’t have to constantly res him, use him if it suits you.


My party ended up looking like: 1) Milla, 2) Elize, 3) Leia, and 4) Ludger in that order. The reason is because the AI will res based on that order. I want my healers to be res’d first so that they can in turn res others. I put Elize 2nd and Leia 3rd because Leia is more likely to use items than Elize and it’s a way to save items for the future.


Obviously, give your party the best equipment available to you. If possible, have their weapon with light because that is the only thing Pluto is not strong against. If you use Elize, I recommend she use the Ruby Wand because sometimes a res will proc for her. Where it really matters, imo, is in the accessories. I equipped Leia with a Stun Talisman because Pluto’s stun game is unreal *_*. I gave Elize a Mystic Symbol to reduce her channelling. For Ludger, I would switch between an Elemental, Elemental Cape, and Sync Stone because I wasn’t really sure what was best for him. The battle I finally won, he wore an Elemental. I also gave Milla an Elemental Cape. Another good one would be Rare Boots for an all-around pdef/adef boost plus agi boost or a Thief’s Cape (or better) with the same line of thinking. If one of your characters is not already resistant to darkness via armour (like an Elemental Circlet), in the very least: equip them with a Dark Cape, if you don’t have enough mats for an extra Elemental Cape. Alternatively, have them linked with somebody at all times that has a Darkness Guard in their skillset (Elize/Muzet). Again, match these accessories so that they fit your party makeup. If you can remember, have somebody use a Sync Stone right before going into Overlimit so that it’ll last longer. If you run out of Life Potions or Elixirs, you can also use the Hallowed Doll, Revival Ring, or the Reverse Doll (you can have up to 15 of these so they acts like extra Life Potions).


Everybody should ideally have “Recall” on. When I play as Elize, I don’t have “Teepo Master” on but when she’s AI, I have her there for healing purposes only and thus Teepo Master is selected. Don’t check Warrior stuff on her, just the Wizard. Angel’s Cry for Elize too. Any linked support, HP/TP surge. The stat buffs at the top are good. Leia should have immediate consumption and other item-focused skills. Most other skills should be at your discretion but those are the big ones for support.


Panacea: Confusion till 0 left
Life Potion: KO till 5 left
Apple Gel: HP < 40% till 0 left
Lemon Gel: HP < 20% till 0 left
Orange Gel: TP < 40% till 0 left
Pineapple Gel: TP < 20% till 0 left
Treats: HP < 40% for 2+ members till 0 left
Specifics: TP < 40% for 2+ members till 0 left


I had everything at 15, except Treats, Specifics, and Elixirs. I wish there were Omega Elixirs ;_;.


I also used Fruit Yakisoba (Small) for this fight.


Strategy in the Menu:
Have everybody focus attacks,
Have your main healer only heal and the other 2 AI prioritise healing,
Have everybody link often,
Have everybody have prioritised use for auto-items,
Have everybody set to “Do not enter overlimit”


Unset Elize’s Pixie Circle and Leia’s First Aid. You don’t need wimpy heals. If you use Muzet, take off her wimpy heal too.


Battle Strategy:
Wahoo! Finally to the meat of it, right? 🙂 Well, after all of that preparation, things should go relatively smoothly. Relatively. My primary strategy for every fight is to always exploit elemental weaknesses. Additionally, I always kill the weaker fry first so I have less crap hitting me. Because I play as Milla and because she has more fire/wind skills than water/earth, I linked with Leia to take down the Azure Servants first. However, if your character has an easier time with water/earth, go to town on the Crimson baddies. Leia is a good partner for Milla for the four cronies because they can hit any weakness that their opposition has, even if it is only through Tetra Elements. You should know who suits your playable character best for this purpose. Use that person.


There is some randomness involved with spawning. Hopefully, the servant of your choice is closest to you so you don’t get into Pluto’s fire but you’ll survive if you have to run around to the other side. Additionally, when you kill the first one, you don’t know if you’ll spawn a Crimson Servant or Azure Servant next. Hopefully, it is the one that is easier for you. The first part of the fight with everything attacking you can be stressful, especially with those dark bubbles. But you’ll get through it.


Using Overlimit is really how you’ll get anywhere in this battle so always end with Ludger and your playable character in their Linked Mystic Arte, especially because Linked Mystic Artes will hit all enemies on the field. Or if you play as Ludger, just make sure that the person you end up linking with when OL is almost out can Linked Mystic Arte with you. LMA’s are so crucial because they are non-elemental damage and Pluto is essentially strong against everything but light. Additionally, LMAs hit everything on the field. Ideally, you’ll have dealt enough damage to have taken out 1 servant by the time you cast your first LMA so that it takes out the other two servants and you only have to deal with 1 and Pluto.


After some time, you should have killed all four cronies and will now focus your attacks on Pluto. Have your playable character use light skills or weapon skills because Pluto isn’t strong against them. Stick close to Pluto who will try to run away. The reason for this is: those nasty dark/purple balls of light that travel across the field. Pluto’ll only cast these dark bubbles if you’re far away. For this reason, at this point in the battle, it may be easier to have every AI character to prioritise healing as their main action instead of “only heal” (in the Strategy Menu) so they’ll be more likely to attack. However, my winning battle kept Elize with “Only Heal” and had Leia and Ludger “Prioritise Healing”. The former requires more upkeep during battle.


When you’re at this point in the fight, have Elize Revive herself first, then your alternate healer, then yourself, then Ludger (or if you play as Ludger => Ludger would be third, then the 4th slot would get Revive last). This will help you out so much. I don’t think I could’ve beat this fight without Revive and also casting Dispel because Pluto likes to ail you. Because you’ve set Teepo to permanent ON with Teepo Master 1, you’ll get a “syrup effect” so no further ailments can harm you. This is important because at some point, Pluto will start to cast a purple debuff on you, rather under you. When this happens, just guard it out. Do not attack Pluto until it’s gone as it will result in instant KO. If you have Dispel on, it shouldn’t affect you but be careful.


Best case scenario: you’ll be controlling Pluto so hard, it won’t even know how to fight back. Worst case scenario: you’ll be constantly res’ing and running out of items fast. However, on the prioritised heal/only heal, if things get dicey, switch your main healer back to only healing. It’s also not a bad idea to have Leia buff your party with Barrier/Sharpness/Quickness if given the opportunity.


Thankfully, Pluto doesn’t change up its strategy throughout the entirety of the fight. Once you get the hang of its attacks and how much you should be healing, you’ll get through it. Good luck!

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