Challenge: 21 Day Fix 

Ok, fam, I have never in my life done a fitness challenge. But I’m starting one today for the first time. I’ve got all these containers and no clue how it’s going to go. I printed tally sheets to track of how much I’m eating and hydrating. It’s both intimidating and overwhelming but that’s the point of a challenge. And I’ll be completing this one. It’s only 21 days but I know it’s going to be a long first week. I thought it’d be nice to document my challenge for both inspiration and to track my progress. I bought lots of berries, spinach, tofu, and rice because this is more of a nutritional/dietary fix than it is a fitness one. Or at least that’s the biggest change for me. I don’t usually eat bad but I have been a little bit lately. Still, what I’m limited to with this challenge is a lot stricter than I’d previously followed. But that’s a part of the challenge 🙂

I also needed a place where I can plan my meals following the strict schedule that way I don’t have to think about it when I get hungry. Additionally, I will be intaking 82 oz (2.42 litres) of water each day. I happen to like water so I am good with that.

Breakfast at 7:00

  • 2 large eggs over medium using 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil ✓
  • 1 fruit container  including raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries ✓
  • 1 veggie container with spinach and kale ✓

Snack 1 at 10:30

  • 1 protein container of plain Chobani Greek yoghurt 1% with cinnamon and pure vanilla extract ✓
  • 12 almonds ✓

Lunch at 13:00 or 14:00 

  • 1 veggie container with spinach and kale ✓
  • 1 carb container of brown rice ✓
  • 7 medium sardines chocolate Shakeology powder with water

Snack 2 at 16:30

  • 1 fruit container again with the raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries ✓
  • 1 seed container of pumpkin seeds ✓

Dinner at 18:30

  • 1 veggie container of spinach and kale ✓
  • 1 protein container of tofu
  • 1 carb container of brown rice ✓


Expectations: Honestly, I’m probably going to eat this menu each day for the first week. That’s because I’m lazy and I don’t care too much about what I’m eating as long as it’s relatively good and I don’t get hungry later. That’s my biggest fear is these portions won’t fill me up and I’ll starve followed by death. They give you a booklet ordering what foods are the healthiest, starting with the most nutritional at the top. Most of these guys are at the top but it’s going to be really hard to get my protein in. I live with my mom who does not like me using the kitchen because it’s her territory. Were I living on my own, I’d eat chicken at like every meal, no problem. But I tried thinking of things that don’t require cooking that still taste good and will hopefully fill me. I’ve never tried sardines in my life and I hear they taste yucky so I bought one for now and if I like it, I’ll stockpile those. I don’t like the taste of tofu but hopefully I can drown it in spices since the programme says spice calories are negligible. I also bought a rice cooker and will be making batches for ease of consumption. “It’s just easier to use a rice cooker if  you’re going to be eating lots of rice,” a roommate once told me. She’s right. So most of these things are going to be eaten raw. I can also have two teaspoons of either natural peanut/almond butter or cooking oil if I plan on cooking. Three times a week, I am allowed to substitute a carb container for a 8 oz glass of milk and three times a week, I am also allowed a treat in replacement of the carb container. I probably will not use the treat sub this first week. But the dried fruit nut medley may get the upper hand if I have a breakdown. I may continue my regular consumption of coffee and tea with up to two 8 oz portions per day. They emphasise a preference of black coffee. Thankfully, I always drink my coffee (espresso, actually) unless the barista absolutely kills my shots. However, I’ve traditionally enjoyed my green tea with nonfat milk. This may seriously hamper my productivity vibe of working on my book since I usually go through green tea once an hour. I am also forgoing any eating out even though the programme permits me to. I may change my mind as it’s a three week deal but I think it’ll just be easier not to.

As far as the fitness routines go, there is nothing I can’t handle. I’m a little sore since I tried bouldering for the first time two days ago and I relied on a lot of muscles I don’t normally use to get through the exercises. But it’s all mental and I know I can do it. I’ll be doing the exercises first thing in the morning as opposed to my usual routine of doing things in the evening as it seems to fit better with the programme.


Enter a caption

Weight: 157.6 lbs (71.48 kg)

I thought I weighed 7.6 pounds (3.45 kg) lighter but I took the summer off, have had lots of cake and cookies lately, and not done much about it. I have no problem sharing that number with you either. At the beginning of the year, I totally would’ve but just wait for these 21 days to pass.

Thoughts after 1st Day:

Alright! Wow! I did the workout first thing and I had to take 2 breaks because I was getting dizzy and light-headed but I also enjoyed the training thoroughly. And I finished it! Then I made my breakfast, trying to mix the spinach with the egg yolk because I like that combo but it took me forever to eat up. It literally took me an hour and twenty minutes to finish breakfast. I’d get hungry, get full, then get hungry again. Hopefully I’m faster tomorrow. I got hungry probably twenty minutes after my breakfast so I had my first snack for the day. A sure-tell sign that this eating system was not going to fill me up. But it might also be that I was fully expecting myself to go hungry so I constantly asked myself if I was hungry. Hopefully that goes away when I return to work tomorrow. But the snack filled me up until it was time for me to eat lunch.

Sardines are the WORST. They taste alright but they are sooo creepy looking. They look like what you’d imagine alien intestines to look like. And I ate its bones and they were crunchy! It was the hardest thing to eat for me ever. I had 3. No way was I going to eat all 7. However fortunately, my coach for the challenge told me the only way I’d get my share of the money if we won is if I tracked my Shakeology shakes five times a week. So I was like, “That sounds like a much better option” and it’s basically Nesquik for adults.I downed that sucker in probably five minutes. I see people on Facebook write a lot, “Wow, super taste! Such filling!” and I’ve always thought, “Yeah, whatever, loser” but I was the loser until today. They were super right and I was super wrong. When it came time for my second snack, I wasn’t hungry at all. The only problem is it’s ridiculously expensive, in my opinion. It’s like $140 for a month’s supply. I KNOW. I don’t even want to arithmetic how much that is a year. (Okay, it’s $1680 a year not including s/h).

Ok, so the reason I didn’t eat the tofu at dinner is because 1 scoop of the Shakeology mix is 1 protein container’s worth but a serving of the mix is 2 scoops so I used two of my four available containers for the day. Maybe I should explain this better. These containers I showed at the top of the post (here again for your convenience) are labelled for how much I should eat of each food group. For example, I can eat three containers worth of veggies a day.

Enter a caption

And since I’d already had eggs (1 protein), yoghurt (1 protein), and 2 scoops of the Shakeology mix (2 proteins), I was maxed out for my protein intake for the day. I will try the tofu tomorrow for dinner, subbing out my yoghurt. That is, if I like the tofu. If I don’t, I am gonna eat yoghurt for dinner, gg.

What surprised me most about the food was that it had so much flavour, so much more than I was expecting. Like, wow those are ripe berries, and hi Raw Spinach, you taste like leaves and grass. Yes, I ate raw spinach today, like no dressing or egg yolk. It’s super weird but I really like spinach, okay q_q. And I didn’t have to add the vanilla extract or cinnamon because the yoghurt has so much flavour already.

It was a good first day. If you are thinking of trying this challenge though, don’t start on a day you work. I’m really glad I had a day to figure out how everything was going to work out without the pressure and stress of figuring out how to do my job too. Now I have an expectation of how the system works and an idea of how to coordinate work with the programme.

TL;DR: My muscles are sore and I did not die from starvation.


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