04 September 2016 Book Update

Haaalllooooooo ♡

Big things are finally happening. A year ago, I wanted start Book 2 in January of this year and also to finish Book 2 by the end of June. That didn’t even come close to happening because I wanted to clean up Book 1.

So I did that instead and it’s like really clean and pretty now. Like


So I think this half of the year (well, less than half of the year) I want to work on Book 2. I have only a handful of things I want to do to Book 1. Like go over the new chapters I put in the second draft and then read WAYS OF THE STARS in its entirety. In the beginning of the year, I crafted up some query letters. And I also took a small hiatus to concoct another (new) project because I wanted to write but I was qq’ing about not being good enough in WAYS OF THE STARS. You saw this in some of my earlier posts. I was finally getting out of a dark time. We can talk about that in another post if you ask nicely.

So that new project is on hold until we get through Book 5 or whatever number is the last one. I think Book 5 is where things will end based on my current plot structure but things change and I’m open to those changes.

There we have it, family, and just in case you were wondering, my word count is 100,000 *_* First draft finished at 76,000 but I added in a lot for clarity and continuity. You’ll never have to worry about seeing darlings from me. My genre’s sci-fi, thanks for asking.

Oh, and here’s a pic of my new colour ♡ω♡

Me and my girl Tanisha!



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