I’m not sure how else to explain my conception of the earth planet Aeonde in the way that I want it other than my own notes I wrote for my “book encyclopaedia”.

Here they are! These are all the locations and information for Book 1 of WAYS OF THE STARS.



Aeonde is your earth planet of the “Big Five” and one of four of the “pure element” planets. It is truly an earth planet with grasslands, mountains, teeming forests, but most remarkably: no water. That’s right, the planet has evolved in such a way they are not reliant on water. How is that possible? Evolution, my dear. Yes, they enjoyed a relationship with the water planet, Asteria, but that’s deteroriated with the war the two planets have waged for the past fifteen years. Water, in the form of xylem, does exist for the beings of Aeonde but they primarily sustain themselves on the planty nutrient called phloem.

Fortuna Tessera

Fortuna Tessera is the capital of Aeonde. It is a medium-sized forest.

The northernmost stretch of land is the Genfaure district. Genfaure is the noble district with a light shield surrounding it. The shield absorbs those with the correct star leaf, handed out when approved of property purchase. It repels those who don’t have this leaf and it can’t be found in the wild. Government officials, military leaders, rich people, and Aeonde’s best league players reside here. This is where Eskir lived before she ran away. Homes provide a luxurious amount of space, comfortable for a family of five, and there are several amenities available for relaxation, fun, and convenience. While the people who live in Genfaure do still live amongst the trees, their homes are structured more rotund and built around the tree, rather than striking the tree down.

The Resoto District is said to be the slums compared to Genfaure but it isn’t really slum-like. You can find it on the south side of Shadow Square. It’s where all the rest of the people who live in Fortuna Tessera reside. It isn’t a bad place to live. It’s just cramped. Aeondees are meticulous about overall cleanliness so even the slums have pleasant air and no graffiti.

The East Market District is a bazaar. The stands have organized themselves that those who sell similar things stick close together. Eskir describes the East Market District with warm, beady soil beneath the grass and, “the shopping district of Fortuna Tessera was loud and full of smells and tastes and joy”. The items you can’t find in the bazaar are armor, weaponry, battle items, and accessories to aid in battle. Those are found in the West Market District. Similarly to Genfaure, the West Market District is protected by a light shield and requires a different star leaf to enter. These are easier to acquire if you don’t mind standing in a long line. After standing in line, Agents of Koti examine you physically, mentally, and emotionally before allowing you to proceed. The examination process does not harm the individual. However, it is very strict in allowing people to enter. Many people who stand in line aren’t accepted. Generally, you have to have a reason for entering, say hunting or repairs. You can also find starship and airship parts in the West Market District. Once inside West, it is a much different atmosphere than the East Market District. West’s sellers have a firm outlook. They will test their customers to ensure they are not selling to any crazies or kooky people. If it is found that a crazy person was allowed entry and bought from a seller, that seller could be liable for damage that the crazy person committed. Hallitus has this rule in place because they don’t want their citizens hurting each other for what they deem useless reasons. The citizens of Aeonde understand and agree that the strict atmosphere of West is necessary.

Although Haut’s Tree is not within city limits of Fortuna Tessera, the Tree is so close that it is mainly associated as being a part of Fortuna Tessera. Haut’s Tree is where seeds get delivered to undergo incubation. Those who do not want their seed incubated do not have to send them. Females are the ones who have seeds come out of them. It is imperative that if you do not want your seed incubated, you make sure that neither party sends the seed in. This is because once a seed begins the incubation process, both parents are liable for taking care of the child. There is no getting out of it. Additionally, seeds cannot be destroyed by any means.  Upon request and proper monetary donations, seeds can be genetically altered to produce superior beings.  Haut’s Tree is not capable of producing Star Children from spore at this time. This means that Eskir was not born at Haut’s Tree. That’s why there is no record of her being there. This is contrary to what Zaile thinks when she tells Eskir that Essa removed Eskir’s records. Remember Zaile only looked this up to find a clue about Valpas’ whereabouts.

Finally, the Shadow Square is located at the center of Fortuna Tessera. Shadow Square gets its name because it is directly below the White Citadel of Hallitus. Aeondees have put smooth rocks, similar to cobblestone but more loose, to protect the natural, raw soil. Soil is sacred and must be taken care of. Inside the Shadow Square is the Lune de Verd which is a circle of light that transports anyone up to the White Citadel. It glows green.


Elde Forest e Eure

This is the oldest forest on Aeonde. It is the most vast and hosts the tallest trees. It is very deep and it is easy to find yourself lost once inside. There is no marked entrance or exit. Eure has maintained being more or less untouched since the dawn of Aeonde. This is where snapleaves originate from but since they are a weed plant, they’ve spread throughout almost all of Aeonde with little trouble. Additionally, the forest is teeming with undocumented animals, toxins, insects, and plants. This is why it was the ideal hiding spot for Eskir. Most people are too afraid to enter the unknown. By the grace of Promethalia, she was able to find an abandoned temple that had some useful, leftover items.


The White Citadel of Hallitus

This is the big government building that floats above Fortuna Tessera. All commoners are welcome after a careful screening process. Those who actually work here can use star leaves to enter without the screening process. Each day, many people travel either to work, visit, or explore the White Citadel. The first floor contains a grand lobby with help desks to ease traffic and point those who are lost in the right direction. Here in the lobby, you can also find the finest food Aeonde has to offer. The White Citadel is composed of four giant towers. The most important is the Supply Chain but there are others that include Hallinnon av Abaruus, Hallinnon av Perusaines, and the Hallinnon av Koti. Each tower will be described better in their corresponding sections. Behind these towers is the High Magester or High Magestra’s quarters. It is a private garden with the upmost solitude and peace. She has a spare room for guests she likes to keep a close eye on. This is where Eskir is placed although all of the furniture was removed for her stay.



Hallitus is Aeonde’s government. It is not a democracy or an authoritative regime. It simply connects the city-states together to achieve harmony among them. Hallitus does also represent Aeonde on an interplanetary level. The city-states would rather not bother themselves individually with that task. Originally, the city-states represented themselves individually in the system but it got too complicated. Aeondees understand they must work together for everyone to get what they want. That view is an integral part of their culture. That moré translates into how Hallitus operates.

Things that could be handled at the city-state level are. Each city-state has its own codified law. There are “federal” laws produced by Hallitus but there are very few of them. These federal laws do supersede city-state laws however they are more flexible in language to allow the most amount of liberty. Hallitus only steps in, through the Hallinnon av Koti, when an Aeondee has wronged their neighbor and the federal laws reflect that. Hallitus does have the legitimate authority to overturn a law produced by a city-state that they deem to not represent the morés of that city-state. This is done by a counsel of thirteen who thoroughly review all evidence to the point of clear and convincing evidence. To be eligible for counselship, one must go through rigorous training and education.


Supply Chain

Friedman’s argument. Each city-state specializes in different skillsets and they’ve developed in such a way that each city-state has more or less reached a competitive advantage. The Lavinian region holds the absolute advantage in most industries. Lavinia is the industrial powerhouse with its abundance of natural resources and eager labor force. Aeonde is essentially a modern economist’s dream.

A long time ago, war did rage on Aeonde as every other planet. The High Magester of Yajna’s time put an end to all wars on Aeonde. He united them with his charisma and fortitude in battle. Each city-state he won over, he added to the Supply Chain. Eventually the city-states that were not a part of the enviable Supply Chain sought acceptance. There is no taxation within the Supply Chain. There is no trade barrier of any kind within the Supply Chain. There are no protectionist or mercantilist policies on Aeonde. Each day, among all the city-states they trade from eight o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening to Thetis’ time zone. Thetis, the clerical powerhouse of the mountains, houses the global stock exchange. There is also a strong bond market. Aeonde uses their own currency. They are the only major planet to not adopt the new hard Promethalian currency. Aeonde chose not to adopt the new currency because the High Magester of Yajna’s time feared it would upset all of his hard and meticulous work. Aeonde’s currency is called “frieth”. It has a 1:1 ratio to the British Pound.


Hallinnon av Abaruus

This is the interplanetary branch of Hallitus. They assume the most power in Hallitus’ reach because the city-states let them. Prometh will hold annual summits that every planet is welcome to attend. None of the four planets no longer want to cooperate because Prometh has set high incentives to fund any objective of the esteemed second-best planet.  The third planet will receive some funding but it does not compare to the second’s share. Additionally, the second-best planet holds more clout and influence in decision-making with Prometh.

Each year, Abaruus tries to play politics at these summits but not much is accomplished because Jerba is isolationist, Talondaar is always trying to upset the score against Aeonde’s favor, and Asteria has cut off any negotiation with Aeonde. Prometh pretends they try to do what they can for the sweet planet of Aeonde, but why should they?

Because Aeonde is well-united within its domain, they are not struggling as much as they could be. Their standard of living has stagnated since the war started and it is only a matter of time until Asteria bests them in the war out of attrition. This is because Asteria has the full backing of Prometh and its abundance of resource; think 2 on 1.  The whole system is aware of this and eagerly awaits the fall of Aeonde. The earthy planet in its heyday was the envy of the system. Nobody ever called them hegemon because Aeonde denied the usage and chose to cooperate with all the planets peacefully.

Abaruus tries to restore its name but with a very misguided Zaile, it is difficult. Zaile is the head of Hallitus and all three hallinnons. We will go into detail about her path to becoming the High Magestra in her character section. However, in this section, we can discuss that Zaile spends her energy seeking out her friends. Zaile can’t focus on the war against Asteria because her emotional state is unstable. Her heart cries out for her friend’s husband, Valpas, who has disappeared completely for the past fifteen years and who she has always secretly held feelings for. She feels the upmost remorse for pushing Essa, Valpas’ wife, out of the picture and to her death. Attempting to right her wrong, Zaile seeks out Eskir, the couple’s daughter, something she thinks is feasible, under the guise to send Eskir to her purge but has another plan for the girl. Zaile is on her last leg in popularity for keeping her position. Understanding this, she is wasting all her efforts to accomplish these things in hopes that she can find forgiveness on an individual level. While she does care about Aeonde, she is not a strategist and not the one who should be leading the charge for Aeonde. Thankfully, her older brother, Ansone, has been valiantly fighting with the troops and has done a good job at managing the war. His reputation has allowed a lengthy grace period for her to lead.


Hallinnon av Koti

Eskir sums this hallinnon to be the “police force of Aeonde”. That is a good gist of it. They help solve crimes, assist their fellow being in crises, and are the quiet heroes of the planet. Those that abuse the esteemed position are sent to Atalía Valley to face exile. Hallitus takes extreme measures to ensure the individuals that comprise Hallitus do not abuse their power. Any worker of Hallitus faces Atalía Valley’s exile as punishment. However, the agents of Koti tend to produce individuals who face exile more frequently.


Hallinnon av Perusaines

Eskir calls these people the “mad scientists” of Aeonde. Her mother worked here briefly after years in Abaruus. Essa transferred because she thought she could discover something really great. We will discuss this further in her section. The mad scientists work on understanding all hard sciences. Perusaines is further divided into seven sub-hallinnons for each hard science: physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, and natural science. Special attention has been put towards the engineering aspect of physics and physical chemistry because of the war.

Aeonde has a good grasp on most of its flora and fauna but not nearly to the extent as it should. There are still some parts of Aeonde that are left unexplored.


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