I’m not sure how else to explain my conception of the earth planet Aeonde in the way that I want it other than my own notes I wrote for my “book encyclopaedia”.

Here they are! These are all the locations and information for Book 1 of WAYS OF THE STARS.

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The Gamer Girl Fetish

Do you actually think we dress and pose like this? 

This one’s been bothering me lately and I wonder if it’s been bothering anyone else so I thought I’d write about it.

Recently, I got to know a group of guys that work across the street from where I work. Where they work is where I used to like writing my book. One of them eventually asked, “Where do you get the inspiration from?” and I replied, “The games that I played growing up and continue to play”. Suddenly, my cool levels in their eyes shot through the roof.

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Faults and Sin

As you may know, I greatly enjoy Japanese culture. I don’t watch too much anime as I mainly play their video games. However, I wait each month for the new chapters to come out for my favourite ongoing shonen: Noragami (ノラがミ).

My favourite character, Kazuma, makes an assertion that the servants of the gods (shinki/神器) don’t sin if they believe it was in the best interest of their god. In other words, it’s okay to do bad things if you think it’s right (for those in ethics: ends justify the means). It took me some time to come to that interpretation of his words and also my response.


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4 June 2016 Book Update


Hii Errbody :3

My activity on my blog seems to be increasing which makes me proud! I have a handful of scheduled posts coming out and I’m back into a full swing of editing Book 1. I aim for a chapter every day I work on it, tweaking things here and there and clearing out the comments point out what to fix. I have far less stamina than I did during the months of November through January that passed most recently. But I’m okay with that. I am working steadily towards my goals which is what’s important.

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