Please claim if this is yours. I saved this to my hard drive years ago and have no way to give proper credit. Eventually, I will upload my own art of her.

Meet Eskir. She’s our clumsy yet well-intentioned protagonist. Let’s be clear: her clumsiness isn’t intentional or meant to be cute. She’s lived out in the woods for fifteen years alone. She has severe communication problems and social comprehension problems because of it.

Now why in the world would she want to be such a hermit? Well, it wasn’t by choice. Eskir is a Star Child which means she has a higher affinity with the star, Prometh. In short, she’s the reason why the star is going to supernova at any moment and the leaders of the solar system have asked for her race to be annihilated. It’s only to prevent the supernova. Eskir’s parents tried to protect her from the genocide by hiding her out in the woods and she never figured a way out. And her parents abandoned her out there too so she raised herself.

Now it wouldn’t be much of a story if she wasn’t found and she definitely is, starting in Chapter 1.  Find out if she lives or dies by the purge in WAYS OF THE STARS.

Want to know more about her? Comment below and I’ll answer anything that doesn’t spoil.


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