The Skarsgård Family Tree

I’ve been inspired by my friend who has a love-hate relationship with my Sims stories. He loves all the complicated drama I brew for them but it’s so long he teases me with how “annoyed” he is. Really, if he was so annoyed, he wouldn’t ask how they were doing :3 Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share my family and their drama with you!

Back in Fall 2013, my original “legacy” file corrupted so I said goodbye to the Olssons. It’s pure coincidence that I used both Swedish surnames. During that time, I actually developed a ~celebrity crush~ on Bill Skarsgård (Alex’s little brother) which has since fallen by the wayside. He’s still handsome but I just hear less about him. Swedes are generally closed-off people anyways.


Anyways, I do what almost every girl does: I married my crush in Sims 3. I thought it was a good idea since I didn’t really know him. Bill went on to become a Leader of the Free World and I became a Five-Star Chef. Let’s hope Bill was a Feministiskt initiativ member 😉 I might cry if he was a Swedish Democrat. Also, Sims 3 doesn’t control for height. Bill irl is like 2m. I’m like 168cm (Americans: he’s 6″6 and I’m 5″6).

We had four children together: Chloe, Asher, Elize, and Elena. Elize and Elena are twins.

Pink on left is Elize, blue on left is Elena, boy on right is Asher, girl on right is Chloe. Shame on them for eating sushi with a fork tho -_-‘

And together, he and I became royalty amongst the Sunset Valley townies. We toiled day in and out in our careers to afford this §1.4 million home. We bought up all the venues and businesses. We authored memoirs, novels, and we enjoyed a Lifetime Award of not having to pay any bills! We were five-star celebrities (both of us died where I’m at now) and our children are just as famous.

Bill and I didn’t have drama. I mean, we wanted to keep it that way since he’s the Leader of the Free World. However, who would inherit that fabulous estate? Chloe was the oldest, Asher was the only boy (if we’re going to be traditional about it), Elize wasn’t interested, but Elena was. Also, our children’s lives could’ve been a reality show.

Let’s begin with Episode 1: Errors and Heiresses


Chloe skipped class all the time, wrote emo poetry, and had serious angst. She never went to uni but her artistic eye got her into an appraisal career path. During her teen years, she had several boyfriends and was easily voted Prom Queen. Her edge, her tough attitude made everyone worship her and want to be like her. Genevieve Haverbrooke was her best friend. If Chloe was the bad cop, Genevieve was the good cop. Though, Genevieve’s older brother often attempted undermining that friendship to get closer to Chloe. She eventually met Drake, who’d had an established career in business. She was the sprinkles for his vanilla ice cream. Together, they had two daughters: Merrianne and Driselle.

Asher and Genevieve

In my first file with the four kiddos, Asher was set to be in a marriage arranged by his parents with a serious twit named Giselle. She lived in Bridgeport and would eventually move to Sunset Valley. You see, Leigh (my Simself) was focused on maintaining the power structure she’d built so generations to come wouldn’t ruin a thing. She didn’t want her money to go to waste so she picked a conservative family for Asher to marry from. Asher and Genevieve (Chloe’s BFF) fell in love. Though, Genevieve broke up with him when Giselle moved to town. She didn’t want to be a side hoe. Devastated, Asher agrees to go on dates with Giselle who is seriously hell on wheels. He hated it but stuck it out for his parents. All he could think about was Genevieve. Things got hard when Chloe would invite Genevieve over and Giselle showed up too.

One weekend, Bill and myself went on a vacation and while we were away, Chloe decided to throw a party. Everyone was invited. You can imagine all the shade thrown for yourself. And as luck would have it when Teens throw a party, things break. In our case, the garbage crusher broke down and Asher bent down to fix it. He was just about done when the garbage crusher lit up in flames! (That was entirely the game. I can’t cause items to catch fire) A fire starts, everyone screams, and Asher gets it on his clothes. All of the attendees try to put him out but they’re unsuccessful. The grim reaper came to collect his soul. So, Chloe gambles with the Grim Reaper to a chess match. If she wins, Asher lives. It goes on for days…. I think it was glitched so luckily, I didn’t save and I just restarted. The same sequence happens again but this time Genevieve caught on fire!!!! All of my children tried to put her out but it was too late. She already died. Since I’d already rebooted once, I thought it was only fair that she should stay dead. Even though I was really shipping AsherxGenevieve. Later down the road, that file corrupts and I start over. The drama was too good! (And we haven’t even gotten to the twins!)

This go around, I say it’s okay for Asher and Genevieve to date because Giselle was so cruel and true love wins ;_; I now save with three separate files because I do not feel like starting over again!!!  So yeah, Chloe elopes with Drake again, Asher and Genevieve are free to be with each other, and next time we’ll talk about Elize and Elena!

On the left is Elena and on the right is Elize

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