5 April 2016 Life Update (posted late)


Hi everyone!!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m horrendous at social media. I’m not exactly a spotlight seeker and I feel wrong talking about myself too much. So even though I am capable of writing thousands of words, I feel uncomfortable doing so outside the privacy of my diary :3

However, I created this blog for my followers to connect with me in a more intimate way than Twitter. To that end, my goal really is to come up with a blog idea once a week and more importantly – post it! A secondary goal to that end is to create a blog that subsists on more than simply life updates like this one.

I am in my sixth week of my first career job and I am really enjoying it. This is the primary reason why I haven’t put any work towards my book, editing it, or this blog. I thank you for your continued patience 😢 Hopefully this will change as I have migrated to a new phone with double the space of my previous phone. I am now able to blog on the go!!

I continue to exercise regularly, I eat healthy, I am drinking several litres over the minimum recommended amount, and I aim for seven hours of sleep. I am thankfully stress free. Even though my weight has stagnated this month, I am feeling the progress in my muscles. I conclude that my muscles are building up and muscles are heavier than fat; therefore, I am more lean than previously.

My appetite for video games rarely ceases. Currently, I am playing Sims (that’s always going on), Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Tales of Symphonia. With this said, I feel that a video game post is now necessary for us to discuss. This insatiable appetite is another huge reason why things on my career as an author stagnate.

I am in a good place now. 2016 has been very fortuitous to me. It probably feels sorry for the strife I faced throughout 2015 and the roller coaster of 2014. Maybe you can relate.

Let’s see.. What else? My exciting news was that I was able to speak entirely in Spanish to a girl from Mexico who spoke no English. I am very proud of myself for that accomplishment. I made mistakes but she was incredibly sweet about it. I also started wearing makeup. Like outside of just mascara. I’ll try it for a while but I like how I look both with and without it ☺️☺️

Ummm… In terms of book news, I have come up with something equally as mesmerising as WAYS OF THE STARS. It’s essentially a multi-verse but each individual verse doesn’t realise the other exists. However, there is a centralised agency that dictates which verse lived and which disperses.


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