Please claim if this is yours. I saved this to my hard drive years ago and have no way to give proper credit. Eventually, I will upload my own art of her.

Meet Eskir. She’s our clumsy yet well-intentioned protagonist. Let’s be clear: her clumsiness isn’t intentional or meant to be cute. She’s lived out in the woods for fifteen years alone. She has severe communication problems and social comprehension problems because of it.

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The SkarsgĂ„rd Family Tree

I’ve been inspired by my friend who has a love-hate relationship with my Sims stories. He loves all the complicated drama I brew for them but it’s so long he teases me with how “annoyed” he is. Really, if he was so annoyed, he wouldn’t ask how they were doing :3 Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share my family and their drama with you!

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5 April 2016 Life Update (posted late)


Hi everyone!!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m horrendous at social media. I’m not exactly a spotlight seeker and I feel wrong talking about myself too much. So even though I am capable of writing thousands of words, I feel uncomfortable doing so outside the privacy of my diary :3

However, I created this blog for my followers to connect with me in a more intimate way than Twitter. To that end, my goal really is to come up with a blog idea once a week and more importantly – post it! A secondary goal to that end is to create a blog that subsists on more than simply life updates like this one.

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