Life Update

So I’ve had a few posts in the works but haven’t completed them fully. Basically since the end of January, I’ve taken a break from all writing. I played that game Blade and Soul hardcore for about two weeks straight; still enjoying it and amazed at how quick they come out with new content. Then I started seeking human interactions in person since an MMO was starting to not be enough for me. It was also hard to make friends on that game since guilds don’t seem to be a dynamic factor just yet. Moreover, people don’t always reply to you in squad/party chat or in the immediate area you’re in. Maybe that’s because people aren’t paying attention or maybe it’s due to the spam but I really feel like I’ve been playing by myself on there.

I started my first career job with a bank. I like the work environment, my coworkers, the amount of work I have, and the benefits and pay.

I’m doing pretty well right now. I spent some time reading my diary entries during 2015 and they made me cry a lot. However, I felt an urgent duty to change the world through 2014 and 2015. That’s the whole reason I wrote my manuscript WAYS OF THE STARS. But now I feel very different than then. I still have that duty in the back of my mind but I do not currently have the associated urgency and it’s quite peaceful. I made the comment once that I put a lot of pressure on myself and make things more complicated than they need to be but I also like that part of myself because it makes things fun for me.

I feel bad that I promised the book section to this site on Valentine’s and it’s March now but I just don’t have it in me to write right now. Writing here is helping cure that because I miss it. And I know that even though my first draft of the second manuscript sucks right now, it’ll get better. But the fact that I wrote such crap is a primary deterrent to continue. I know I should keep my head high and continue. I will eventually but just thinking about it makes me grumble.

Perhaps a good comparison is how I cook: it takes me a surprisingly long time to cook anything except spaghetti but it always turns out deliciously. Sometimes, if  I accidentally get the chicken with skin and I grill it, the chicken tastes a little off but only because the skin has a weird texture (when really I should’ve fried it or baked it) but otherwise I can make just about anything and it’s good. I feel the same about my writing.

Well, anyways, that’s about it. I’ll be back when I’m ready to write again. I appreciate your indulgent patience with my work.


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