Treat yoself – Part 1


I love Donna. Once I took a quiz on Buzzfeed┬áto find out what character I’d be on Parks and Rec. I got Donna.

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Life Update

So I’ve had a few posts in the works but haven’t completed them fully. Basically since the end of January, I’ve taken a break from all writing. I played that game Blade and Soul hardcore for about two weeks straight; still enjoying it and amazed at how quick they come out with new content. Then I started seeking human interactions in person since an MMO was starting to not be enough for me. It was also hard to make friends on that game since guilds don’t seem to be a dynamic factor just yet. Moreover, people don’t always reply to you in squad/party chat or in the immediate area you’re in. Maybe that’s because people aren’t paying attention or maybe it’s due to the spam but I really feel like I’ve been playing by myself on there.

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