Reminiscing on the Glory Days

It sounds so strange to say that there are certain things that I’ll never be able to do again. I guess a good equivalent would be playing in a high school sports game. Those that have done it have good memories and they can always go to a game again and enjoy it but it’ll never be the same as playing in it.

For me, I’d love to be able to watch Territory Wars (TW) again and listen in on the “squad chat”. I’d love to be in a TW leading a catapult squad and bark about bad positioning.

I started feeling this way after watching a few of my old videos on YouTube. Here’s one:

That was probably at the peak of my attack ability since I performed much better in a group or even leading. People never recognised it publicly but when I changed factions, or guilds, my old faction feared my knowledge of their strategy and squad structure would be leaked to the new faction. For the most part, I didn’t play dirty. I said I didn’t want to be a catapult squad leader unless it was really necessary. I don’t expect many to understand large-scale PVP (player v player) right off the bat so let me explain how this particular game worked.

In TW, the goal of the game is to defeat your enemy faction’s crystal. Each faction is permitted 80 players for one instance although factions can have up to 200 players. This is in case a faction gets “ganked” or ganged up on by more than one faction since wars will happen usually at the same time, but not always. Anyways, each faction has a crystal in a base protected by two towers inside the base. There are numerous ways to get inside the base. You can go into a gate that is guarded by two towers on either side. There are three gates to a base. Or you can fly over the wall (and still be attacked by a tower). Smarter players generally go over the wall because it’s easy to get aoe’d in the gate. Aoe means area of effect and it means a certain attack will damage more than one opponent. There are three “lanes” or paths to get to either side of the map where bases are located. There are a total of six towers on each lane. In the beginning of the game, it’s imperative to get to the middle and build the middle towers first so that they won’t damage you but the opposition. Towers are nasty things that can deplete your charm (an item that replenishes health automatically), stun/freeze you, and if you’re not careful kill you. Normal player attacks don’t do much damage (1-10 points) on them. The only way to defeat them and the crystal is through catapults.

I was the leader for catapult squads. My job was extremely important. And I was damn good at it. But like I said, I didn’t receive much credit for it other than squad members commenting, “Wow, you’re such a good lead. I feel so comfortable in your hands,” or other faction officers pointing out my superb skills. I’m okay with that too. It’s only smart to take out the leader so that they can’t give orders but too many people would focus on “pk” or player killing and therefore, my efforts went unnoticed. If I became a big target, that’d be bad for the catapult squads.

2012-05-05 19-05-37
To clarify: Dynasty was my old faction. Tempest was my final faction.

My class was rather unique to any other game I’ve played or seen. I was called a venomancer which incorporates a lot of things. It was considered the first best “solo” class because we had pets and the pets could tank for us. Tanking means to take the brunt of the damage. This was primarily in PVE (player v earth) because smart players don’t kill the pet, they go for the owner. So I levelled up doing a lot on my own and figuring out a lot on my own too. I didn’t join a faction for a while because I didn’t understand the dynamics. Perfect World International (PWI) was my first and only MMO I ever played. I want to try Bless but it’s currently only available in Korea ;_; My class was actually considered support too although I couldn’t heal anyone besides myself and my pet. It’s because of my debilitating arsenal that made me so deadly. I could take away all buffs in an instant, absorb and reflect damage, deplete your chi (chi is what allowed us to cast higher level skills), I had an aoe freeze, and I could amplify the damage you took by 30% for half a minute (which is a long time in PVP). I had anti-stun/freeze skills. My weapon would purify me if you stunned me. I could also send you a spark (or two, if lucky) if I wanted to. Venos were deadly but people didn’t pay attention to it because a lot of them were squishy and they didn’t deal a lot of damage. Frankly, it was the perfect class to be a squad leader.

The original reason why I wanted to lead catapults is because I wanted to have all buffs all the time in my squad. Yep, that’s it. I knew that I would get only the best buffs because only the best were used for protecting our tank who’d carry the catapult. Since I started out relatively squishy myself in end-game PVP, buffs were one of the few things that helped me stay alive longer. Unfortunately in PWI, gear was the only determinant in how “good” a player was. It was very difficult for a lesser-geared player to win against a superior-geared player, even if the lesser-geared player had good skills. That was one of the reasons why I quit because PWI just kept coming out with newer and newer (and insanely expensive) equipment. I got tired of trying to keep up. It was really stressful and put me in a complex of never being good enough.

I wish I could go back in time with what I know now and play again. I wish that I wasn’t out-dated and I wish that all of the knowledge I accumulated about PVP gaming wasn’t useless to me right now. I want to play another MMO after a long hiatus because of how much fun they can be. I don’t want to play catch-up to anyone and I don’t want to get stressed out about gear.

Despite all the drama and tyrannical leadership I had to work around, I would play it again. I would give up my Friday nights again just to play a game like TW. I would prepare all week again for it. I miss the forums and I miss the friends I made.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ☆

Well, now I’ve gone and done it. I wasn’t expecting this blog post to lead me to downloading a new game but it did.


Next post will most likely be a review of the new game: Blade and Soul. It looks a lot like my old one.


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