4 Feb 16 WOTS Update

Where to begin? WOTS stands for WAYS OF THE STARS. It’s my manuscript title. Notice it’s not italicised. I’ll change it after I get published!

What is with this resolution? .___. It’s high quality in the source but absurdly blurry here!

I know I promised a few weeks ago that I would make pages for my book for you to peruse and get to know the characters, the worlds, and everything important in my books (currently only manuscripts). However, it’ll be a little longer till it’s completed. I’ll explain in a second.

I finished Book 1 back in December, barely making my deadline for it. I know it would’ve been better had I left it alone but I started taking structural notes for each chapter and thinking if I needed to kill anything. It turns out everything was necessary and one of my beta-readers commented, “Literally every word you use has purpose” ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ Since I’m short for my genre, I’m wondering if there are things I can add. My gameplan is to write all the books/manuscripts before I seek agency so I can fill my own holes, add foreshadowing, etc. So I’m sitting tight on Book 1. I made several comments in the margins for my future self to gloss over and I’ve had the fortune of a handful of good beta-readers.

Currently, I work on Book 2. I just finished Ch. 4 and it’s nowhere near its refined, polished, finished product. But that’s okay. My deadline to complete this one is the end of June.

I’ve spent some time learning how to query. I’m binging anime, I’m forcing myself to read the greats of my genre, I’m job-hunting, and I exercise almost everyday. I wouldn’t exactly call myself busy but I am re-configuring my lifestyle from the intensity of 2015.

To get really personal, I gained 40 pounds last year. I was too exhausted to work out after sitting at a desk underground from 8am to 9pm (8:00-21:00) and 18 hours of uni. All I could think about was sleep or de-stressing myself. The boyfriend I had at the time didn’t understand why I couldn’t make time for him. I ate poorly and my healthy body vanished. Now, I’m eating healthy again, resting well, exercising, and aiming for a peaceful life. So, I don’t always work on the book everyday. Sometimes, I just want to play “who’s got the ball” with my dog or take her to the park where she can make friends. Sometimes, all I want to do all day is play Sims, watch shows, read books, or maybe even draw.

Of course, there’s nothing more fun than writing. Coming up with concepts and plot can be challenging. Writing a series is a true testament of character and discipline. Despite all of it, it’s still fun. But I don’t do it everyday because I like variety. I applaud the people who do but it’s not for me right now.

Anyways, I plan to get to Ch. 5 soon. I have an idea of how it’ll go and what needs to be accomplished. A few more people asked to beta-read for me so I sent WOTS Book 1 to them.

So far, Book 2 (nameless rn) feels more relaxed yet we’re diving deeper into the WAYS OF THE STARS universe. Since I know what’s already happening plot-wise for Book 3 (also nameless qq), Book 2 is basically setup for all of Book 3. I’m priding myself that Ch. 1 of Book 2 is symbolism for Book 3. Ch. 1 of WOTS Book 1 is also major setup for Book 2. That’s how it should be, right? ^_~

I also gave my WAYS OF THE STARS project binder a much-needed makeover. Things are more graphic-minded while still providing the necessary info.

So anyways, this casual lifestyle is largely why you haven’t gotten a real book side to this site. But I promise to have it up by Valentine’s Day (。♥‿♥。)

As I progress through things, it’s hard to feel like I’ve made serious advances to completion. But I know I have. I mean, for one I finished Book 1. It took me three years to do that T_T Re-organising a project binder, mapping out cities, updating character bios, reading my manuscript, and writing commentary are all important and necessary things to do. Part of why it’s hard to feel like I made progress is because it’s fun. Another reason is because I’m mainly doing this by myself and it’s not like a class where you receive a grade on how well you did. I also got in a mood where I simply didn’t feel like working on it for several days. In some ways, Book 1 was easy because I knew exactly how I wanted things to go whereas Book 2 is like “Is this really the best I could do?”. Writing is a game where you constantly second-guess yourself and for many, including me, it leads to fear. Ah, but, writing coaches preach to face your fears and write anyways.

So, yeah, that’s an update of where I’m at. If you want to see more posts like this, please let me know. Or if you didn’t like this post, also tell me so I don’t bore you with behind-the-scenes of my writing ~_^


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