Woes of Loneliness

Woman silhouetted sitting on window ledge looking out of window


Loneliness seems to be something we all suffer from every now and again. Nerds seem to have it worse because they can enjoy individual activities. However, when they do finally come up for air, having no one to talk to can be demoralising.

Since I myself am nerdy, I have many nerdy friends too :3 And a lot of them tell me how hard it is to make friends. Outside of high school, I didn’t have much trouble making friends. When I was in high school, I joined a guild on a MMO and in uni I joined a club and met people through the dorms. There were always classmates to talk to too. However, the real challenge is making friends after graduation that aren’t your co-workers. Co-workers should stay co-workers, imo. You can get along and be friendly but there will always be the professional barrier, at least that’s how it’s been in my experience.

I remember one of my friends from the MMO saying how hard it is to meet people after uni. I listen to my friends still in uni that don’t have anybody to hang out with and feel depressed about it. I have a friend who joined Match.com because it’s so hard to meet people and he didn’t want to bother with Tinder. All of these experiences worry me for my generation.

All of this climaxed when I watched “Watamote”, another anime. (I’m sorry!!!/ごめん)  The show revolves around a girl who has over 50 years of experience in dating games and playing high school games yet she has absolutely no friends at her school. She has terrible social anxiety and can barely utter a word without being terrified. She spends all of her free time playing games, watching tv, or on the computer. The show actually has you watch her do these things and it made me feel uncomfortable with how it felt like I was looking into a mirror of myself. Being on the computer all day every day is how I spent my summers through high school. I had zero friends at school. And when she’s irl, she’s literally invisible. The animators coloured her grey while all of her classmates socialised in colour.


Many of the comments where I watched the show said how hard it is to watch because it’s like re-living what they went through or are going through. I replied to someone’s comment saying it gets better. It did for me and it usually does. It has to, right? Life evolves but it also has a cyclical nature to it too.

I’m writing about this because it seems to affect a lot of people and I wanted a place that people can come to and open up about themselves and have someone listen to them and their experiences. If you’re brave, you can write in the comment space below or you can message me too if you’d prefer something more private. I want to be someone who really connects with my readers.

I care a lot about this because I was terribly ostracised myself in grade school. People knew who I was but I had a bad rep due to nasty rumours. Every conversation was a confrontation. I never want anyone to go through what I had to. Eskir had her trees. You should too.

I think millenials are doing a lot. We’re changing a lot of norms. We’re no longer tolerating people who treat others poorly. Of course, it’s not always easy to see but people are talking about it!! Yeah, there are still people who choose to pretend racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all that other junk don’t exist but they’re having a harder and harder time justifying their hatred or fears. Yes, we still have a lot of work to do but we’re a generation who’s standing up for others because we care. I think it’s pretty amazing ^_^ What I’m trying to say is: stay positive!

I also want you to know that when you’re here, you are not alone.


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