Tastes of an Author


Hi, I’m just coming up to the surface for a moment. I’m in the midst of editing and today, I just don’t want to finish this chapter ;_; After this post, I’ll get back to it ;>

After visiting fellow author’s blogs, I noticed they all tell you how much they enjoy coffee. Yes, I do enjoy a freshly-ground and freshly-brewed dark roast but not while I write. Since I consume dark roast, it takes me about five cups to really have jitters. I can drink it black but I do prefer it with non-GMO soy (not available at Starbucks) or skim milk. If we’re talking espresso, I enjoy a traditional machiatto. I know, I’m really pretentious. I’ve dated too many baristas. My favourite “cuppa” was experienced in the countryside of Denmark brewed by a man who spoke no English. This was his beautiful creation.


Look at the layers *_* He made everyone in the group this drink but only I liked it ^^’ Since I’m Finnish, everyone looked to me to translate but of course I don’t know Danish. I tried to order an Americano for a fellow group member but he made us six of these fabulous drinks. I drank everyone’s for them so you can imagine how hyped I was for the rest of the day ._.,

However, I must tell you what I drink instead of coffee. I have it down to a nice mathematical proportion. If I’m at Starbucks, I order a, “Emperor’s Cloud with half an inch steamed non-fat”. That’s one of their green teas, for all you non-baristas out there. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy drinking tea like the rest of the world that is not America. It’s not iced and it’s not sweet. Well, okay, the milk makes it sweet :3 But, you don’t pour the tea into sugar water. My international friends, in the South, sugar water is basically like 5kg of sugar mixed with 10 litres of water at restaurants. Yeah, our population drinks that regularly. Of course, it’s just a cup’s worth but still…. At least, nobody drinks sugar water straight. It’s only used for sweet (black) tea.

Back to my green tea creation. It’s easy to make and it’s one of the cheaper items. Additionally, as a rewards member, I have free refills at Starbucks. So, I buy about five to eight cups of green tea for $2. It’s great. Yeah, I’ll be there for several hours but when I work on things at Starbucks, I’m in one of my most productive states. I call it “setting up shop”. It’s how I finished the latter half of my book. I spat out like, what, 30,000 words in 3 days? I don’t know what it is but here’s how I do it:

I bring cardigans, sweaters, jackets, and a shawl. If you’re not a barista and you’re in Starbucks for hours, it gets cold. I swear, it’s meant to always be a freezer because you’ll buy more hot drinks that way. I stuff the closet into my backpack along with my ~book binder~, laptop and its charger, my Sailor Moon headphones, and a few pens and highlighters. I find an open table with an outlet for my laptop. I get my laptop all set up and ready to go. Then, I order my drink with an accompanying water. By the time I set an agenda for the day, my drink is usually ready. I grab it and sit back down. I work. About an hour passes by the time I finish my drink. It’s usually too hot to drink right away, even with the milk. I get up and order another, making conversation with the baristas. This is my break. I stretch my legs and get back to it for the next hour. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Next thing I know, it’s closing time. I marvel at how much I accomplished that day.


Now, my drink isn’t over-the-top in flavour. That’s why I drink it. Dark roast has a ton of flavour. Were I to switch to something more blonde, I’d short-circuit from the caffeine overload. Green tea has less caffeine than dark roast and the taste doesn’t distract me. In fact, green tea is said to help with both weight loss and studying. I can keep drinking green tea without real side effects. I do have to use the toilet more but that’s normal.  I can’t keep drinking coffee like I can with green tea.

Now you know my number-one secret to getting things done. Tell me how you do it.


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