The Book

Oh, man.


It’s one thing to talk about it with close friends. It’s another to put it on the internet. This book gets realer every day.

Some day, I’ll create subsections for you to peruse and learn basic information about the characters, the planets, and the culture. I’m omitting plot for now since that’s an easy way to spoil things, wouldn’t you agree?

I mentioned previously that I recently finished the first draft. I’m working my way through the first round of edits, or the second draft. There are a lot of websites out there that provide coaching and writing tips. If there is demand, I can include that. But I’d rather reference other sites that’ve helped me prepare for the publishing process. I most certainly want to go traditional when I get to that point. But for now, I’m happy to examine my structure and figure out what to add. As you may know, SF is a genre known for its length. Most manuscripts finish at least over 100,000. I’m sitting at 76.


What I’ve read reassures me. One of my favourite bloggers, Lara Willard, once said that it’s better to err on the short side rather than the long side. This is because it means you’re not a wordy one. Still, the goal is to be sellable. They say publishers of SF want something in the 100,000-150,000 range. That means I need to add at least 20,000 (if rounding to the nearest hundred-thousand is okay). Don’t take that the wrong way, by the way. I’ve spent many hours learning what publishers want and I’m still learning more. My finance background told me that I should appear as little risky as possible. However, one of my other favourite bloggers, Kristen Kieffer, mentioned the potential of the author marketing themselves. That never occurred to me since I read elsewhere that it’s the publisher’s role to market the author.  So, dear reader, my aim is to get published so you can read my work. Don’t confuse being “sellable” with being a “sell-out”. What I’ve created is unique and genuine to itself. My work will never stray from that.

So that’s where  I am right now. Expect “update” posts like this periodically in the future. I mainly wrote this so that you would see something if you clicked “Book” in the main menu. I don’t mean to be so shy about my book but it is a complicated one. I promise a synopsis in the next post.


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