Getting to know me ♥

Hi, everyone ^_^

(I’m the one on the left. I started that fight.)

I’m new at this blog thing so please forgive my blunders. I decided to make this to, “build my author platform”, as they say. I also thought this would be a convenient way to establish an “intellectual space” for discussions that I enjoy having.

Both of these require explanations, don’t they?

Well, for now, I’ll only share that my book roughly belongs in the Science Fiction genre. It’s complex as most of the books in the genre are but it’s rather different than most of the books. I recently completed the first draft and am working through edits. I will seek representation when I am ready to. When that will be, I do not know but I will keep working towards that goal. I’ll sprinkle more details about it as the blog progresses. After all, my novel is the primary reason why I created this “platform” :3

Oh, yes, that is another thing you will find about me. I am quite fond of emojis and emoticons. Especially the kitty one :3


What a great segue into my favourite series. Anyone who knows me knows my extreme adoration for Sailor Moon. Perhaps someday I will write up a feature about the series. What I can tell you right now is this: if you grew up in the 90’s in America or have watched the 90’s English version of Sailor Moon, you don’t know the real story of Sailor Moon. I promise a post about it in the future but for now, I can offer a suggestion to Google it ^_~ My favourite pretty guardian is Sailor Venus. Who’s yours? 🙂

So, you might’ve guessed I’m a bit of a nerd. I mean, I’m writing SF and I just referenced an anime. I’m actually a huge nerd. I’ve played videogames all my life, or at least since Kindergarten; I read a ton; and I watch a lot of anime. I learned how to code in third grade, too, but most of my knowledge is now obsolete thanks to recent changes. I haven’t bothered to keep up since I didn’t own a website until a few hours ago :p Oh, yes, I also use emojis as punctuation marks from time to time because I’m not quite sure where to put a real punctuation mark. If I put the emoji before the period, it looks like it’s a part of the emoji. If I put the emoji after the period, it’s a part of the next sentence. So forgive me for poor punctuation when I use emojis QQ. (And now you have proof I’m a real gamer, gg.) Anyways, I may pick up learning the new ways of web code if I need to figure out how to design something here on the website.

With that paragraph written, I should also mention that at times, I can be vastly culturally illiterate. Name a movie and I probably haven’t seen it. I swear, man. The same goes for TV programmes. Fandoms I’m not currently a part of include: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, One Direction, uhh… See, I don’t even know the names of things to say that I’m not a fan of them ;_; By the way, I do know that One Direction is a group and not a programme but their fandom is crazy @_@ Like, I mentioned that I’m a Sailor Moon fan. There is no “carrot” equivalent amongst Sailor Moon fans. We can all appreciate that we like the same thing, no matter how much or how little we know about the fandom. For those that are uninformed about “carrots”, it’s what the fans call other fans who have, “just found an interview with Zayne (I think) where he says how much he enjoys carrots and it shows how little they actually know about the members”. This was told to me by a One Direction fan whose fan level was clearly higher than the “carrot” level. I find it amusing how dumb it is but maybe I am alone on this :3 I also apologise if I misspelled Zayne’s name. I know hardly anything about the group and I grovel for repentance that I will never be more than a carrot (or whatever is less) qq.

However, thank you Zayne for helping me bring up the next point: my biggest pet peeve is people saying or spelling my name incorrectly. Oh, I just googled his name. It’s spelled Zayn, everybody. I honestly feel bad if I mess up other peoples’ names because mine gets treated so poorly. That’s why I googled his. So, let’s get into some fun heritage. Native English speakers: you should be ashamed of yourselves for saying and spelling my name wrong -_- Leigh is old English. You should know inherently how it is said and spelled. Uranga I can forgive you for because it is Spanish. Leigh is pronounced “Lee”. Uranga can be said one of two ways and I do not mind if you prefer to use the one that is easier for you. It can be said “you-rang-uh” in English or “ū-rahng-ah” in Spanish. Spanish speakers, I trust you know how to say it in Spanish 😉 How I pronounce my last name is how you would say it in Spanish because that’s the true way to say it. Though, like I said, if it is easier for  you to say it the first way, I am okay with it (and so is the rest of my family). So, with that said, I have some unique heritage. My dad calls my brother and I the MexiFinns but that’s a bit of a misnomer. Our family comes from Spain, particularly the país vasco (Basque) region. I do speak Spanish but will refrain from doing so unless replying to a comment written in Spanish. This is because most people know English rather than Spanish. Aunque, yo disculpo ahorita porque mi español es débil. Yo sé las palabras pero yo dijo como podría en ingles. Perdon T_T The other half of my family is Finnish. I know no Finnish except “Tervetuloa” and “heihei” :<

Thank you for reading all of this ^_^ I hope it gave you a good idea of who I am and the purpose of this blog. My purpose, here, is to connect with you so feel free to message me or get a hold of me in any way listed on the right. I am new at this so I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. I hope to get to know you like you’ve gotten to know me.

Next post: The other half of the site, my intellectual playground. ^_^y


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